Invocation for Divine Guidance in Curating WEvolve Box

May this endeavor, each box, each item, each intention, each word, be guided by the Divine Source/the Great Mystery of all life and by the collective consciousness of each person who receives these boxes and extend to the people they touch. I intend that every box be inspired by the highest vibration. In alignment with highest good for all. So will it be.

Why WEvolve Box? 

Greetings Beautiful Souls, My name is Lalania Simone, I am an author and mystic, and I am so excited to share WEvolve Box with you. This idea was born of a desire to inspire and connect in a profound and meaningful way with like-minded beings that are on a path of spiritual awakening. We are Evolving Together. There is so much magic in our Universe, this subscription box is intended to bring some of that magic directly to you. I hope to support and uplift you, bringing you what your soul is calling for. Join me in a sacred journey... 

What people are saying about WEvolve Box

"This is absolutely my favorite box to receive. It is worth every penny!There are things that inspire me and guide my spiritual journey that I would probably never come across if it wasn't for this box. I am a customer for life. "

Melissa M.

"This is the best box subscription I have ever had!  Last month I got a Tibetan singing bowl! A singing bowl!!  feel the value is the best of any other spiritual box I have tried in the past." 

Donna C.

"I'm a skeptic when it comes to subscription boxes. I've received too many with cheap meaningless items. Then I stumbled onto this box. The items are quality, beautiful and meaningful. I will be a customer for life!!"

Katherine R.