The ESOTERIC Bimonthly Box $49.95

The COSMIC MINI IS SOLD OUT*🌙*🌙* THE NEXT ESOTERIC BOX ARRIVES IN EARLY JUNE*🌙*🌙* A spiritual experience divinely curated around a spiritual theme, and ships every other month. Each box includes 5-8 quality, sacred objects, and an art card describing the contents. The box will have accompanying, expanded information on each item, as well as a related ritual or meditation. Boxes ship in the first week of FEB, APRIL, JUNE, AUGUST, OCT, & DEC.

2 Months

SHIPPING IN A FEW DAYS!!*Your first box will arrive in EARLY JUNE* This option will renew every 2 months on the 15th. ~ A SHIPPING CHARGE OF $6.95 IS ADDED AT CHECKOUT~

6 Month Prepay

*Your first box will arrive in EARLY JUNE* ~3 boxes~ This option renews every 6 months on the 15th ~A SHIPPING CHARGE OF $6.95 PER BOX IS ADDED AT CHECKOUT