Create Sacred Space with WEvolve Box 

WEvolve Box delivers a divinely curated experience. 

Providing sacred objects and inspiration to create your own personal rituals and  nurture your spirit.

Choose from two mystical options to suit your needs.

The Esoteric Box is a themed experience which includes 4-7 meaningful sacred objects and a ritual or meditation. 

This box is delivered every other month:

*crystals  for healing  &  manifestation 

*talismans, oracles & divination tools

*figures of Goddesses, Buddhas & Divine Beings 

*natural body products & adornments

*incense, sage, essential oils 

*magical & ritual objects

*malas & other meditation tools

and many more...

The Esoteric Box
includes an information card describing the spiritual significance of each item, as well as ideas on how to incorporate them into your spiritual practice.

The Cosmic Mini Monthly Box is a magical treat that includes 3 of the following items:

*a crystal or healing stone

*an apothecary or body product

*a piece or jewelry or other adornment

*other mystical item